Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, Christie Chanthakhoun knew at a young age she was meant to create. Growing up, she always admired her mother's traditional Laotian clothing and would stay up watching her sketch new ideas to revamp old dresses into something fresh. Although Christie didn't learn how to sew up until her middle and high school years, she grew out of her tomboyish days and grew an appreciation for the fashion industry and construction of clothing.

     Enrolled to the apparel design program at The Art Institute of Portland the summer she graduated high school in 2008, she was eager to learn and gain skills to further her love for fashion and design. As the earlier college years passed, Christie continued working retail jobs while balancing classes but questioned if this was the right path for her or not. It wasn't up until she discovered the art of drapery - fabric sculpting naturally to the body - that she grew to love and had to keep pursuing apparel design. After taking some time to soul search, Christie bounced back and continued her studies at Ai.

     Flash forward to senior year, countless hours of work, and endless sleepless nights later: "Enlightenment" inspired by her traditional Laotian cultural and blissful bohemian aura, made its debut at The Art Institute of Portland's 2013 'Drawing The Line' Fashion Show as the grand finale. Experiencing fashion runway production only filled Christie's passion for the industry more and more. In September 2013, she was the first of her family to graduate college with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in apparel design. 

     Christie's aesthetics to her designs are simply free spirited, detail oriented, and vibrant in color and texture. She has always been inspired by the color gold, natural elements, tribal prints, and her cultural background. Her designs are a reflection of her boho-chic style and seeks to design comfortable yet effortlessly beautiful clothing. Christie sees garments as a whole from head to toe and utilizes accessories to complete the look. She believes any woman is impeccable of doing anything they ever desired by being fearless in what sets their soul on fire.

     As Christie continues to pursue her design career, she recently dived into freelancing wedding gowns and developing new independent and collaborative projects to come.  As these new experiences approach, one things for sure is that Christie's confidence as a woman and designer is strong and potent. She sticks true to her cultural roots, expresses and cherishes every moment, and believes that life's challenges makes you wiser, stronger, and empowers you to do anything your heart desires.